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Teens Write About Cancer


2015 WA Teens Write About Cancer


A Father's Love (PDF, 157 kb)
Katie Kendrick - Teen Writing Contest
It's More Than Just a Definition (PDF, 89 kb)
Lisa Lewis - Teen Writing Contest
But It Was Just a Scab (PDF, 162 kb)
Destiny Kulmus - Teen Writing Contest
Hope and Faith (PDF, 156 kb)
Fatima Al-Shimari - Teen Writing Contest
Winter: My Favorite Season (PDF, 84 kb)
Makaila Gangler - Teen Writing Contest
How I Lost My Hero (PDF, 162 kb)
Destanie Ellis - Teen Writing Contest
One Hundred Thousand Wasted Hours (PDF, 161 kb)
Ryan Arnold - Teen Writing Contest
Red Head (PDF, 87 kb)
Shannon Keating - Teen Writing Contest
My Not-So-Normal Teenage Life (PDF, 160 kb)
Kat Tiscornia - Teen Writing Contest
My Friend, Cancer (PDF, 159 kb)
Angela Meach - Teen Writing Contest
Amanda Osborn (PDF, 154 kb)
Gift from Above - Teen Writing Contest

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About the Contest

The Cancer Unwrapped Teen Writing Contest is an annual event sponsored by Gilda’s Club Seattle. This essay writing contest is for any teen in grades 9 through 12, in Alaska and Washington State, who has been touched by cancer either through a personal diagnosis or that of a family member or friend. We want to hear your story! Have you survived cancer? Have you watched as a family member dealt with cancer? What was it like to watch someone your age go through cancer?

Dealing with cancer can unleash a storm of emotions, questions, and unexpected discoveries. We want to hear about your experience. We are looking for honest essays, with an authentic ability to move readers.  Write the story you want to tell, not the one you think we want to hear.

Essays should be at least 500 words, but no more than 2000 words long. Please submit them on our website by clicking the link below. Finalist essays are read by a panel of celebrity judges. Prize winners will be chosen from the finalist group.

For more information call the Clubhouse at 206-709-1400, toll-free 1-866-200-2383 or email Liz Lange at