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Cancer Podcasts


Gilda's Club Seattle is very excited to now be able to offer you information and support through our own podcasts. Many of our fine LECTURES are available in this format. To access the podcasts, simply click on the lecture title.

Some of you might be asking, "Well, what IS a podcast?" Simply put, it's "radio"-style delivery of information and music that you can listen to on your computer, burn to a CD, or transfer to your MP3 player. The beauty of podcasts is that they let you be in control of when you listen to them, and what you do with them -- you can rewind a podcast; play it over and over; pause it; store it wherever you want; and delete it.

Check back often! We will continue to add new lectures to the podcast lineup regularly. 

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ASK THE DOCTOR: Gynecological Cancer (22:35 Min)
Kathryn McGonigle, M.D. - Gilda's Club Seattle Lecture Series 20-Jan-2011
New Year's Resolutions for Cancer Survivors & Supporters (74:56 Min)
Julie Gralow, MD - Gilda's Club Seattle Lecture Series 13-Jan-2011
Advances in Radiation Therapy: More Precision , Less Toxicity (45:38 Min)
Huong Pham, MD - Gilda's Club Lecture Series 18-Nov-2010
Life After Cancer Part 4 of Survivorship Series with FHCRC (69:16 Min)
Karen Syraljia - Gilda's Club Lecture Series 11-Nov-2010
Navigating Health Related Legal Documents (87:31 Min)
Julianne Kocer, P.S., Attorney - Gilda's Club Seattle Thursday Lecture Series 11-Mar-2010
Cancer & Sexuality (72:21 Min)
Shannon Solie, Babeland - Gilda's Club Seattle Thursday Lecture Series 25-Feb-2010
Naturopathic Medicine & Cancer (92:41 Min)
Dan Labriola, ND; NW Natural Health Clinic - Gilda's Club Seattle Thursday Lecture Series 18-Feb-2010
Capacity to Empower: Seeking Out and Successfully Obtaining Cutting Edge Cancer Therapy (38:11 Min)
Barry Boatman, RN; Swedish Medical Center - Gilda's Club Seattle NWABR Symposium 16-Jan-2010

1-8 of 35 Podcasts Listed
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