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Activity Calendar

October 26 - November 1 2014

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

6:30 p
Alumni Group at Overlake: Family Members and Friends


6:30 p
Gentle Yoga in AUBURN

6:30 p
GIG HARBOR Lecture: The Effects of Cancer on Women's Health

6:30 p
Family & Friends Group at Overlake*

6:30 p
Wellness Group at Overlake


6:30 p
Gentle Yoga class in PUYALLUP


12:00 p
Yoga with Stacy


10:30 a
What Now

10:30 a
Small Talk*

10:30 a
Parents Group*

12:00 p
Kids Kitchen

Saturday - November 1 2014

10:30 a - What Now

Survivorship group for kids ages 10+ whose family members have survived cancer or who have survived cancer themselves.  This group will explore emotions and feelings in relation to survivorship, family dynamics, and how kids relate to the world in their part of the universe.  Art and recreational therapy based group. You must be a GCS member and have completed a CMP before you can participate.  Please contact Michelle Massey, Program Manager, with questions: 206-709-1400 .

10:30 a - Small Talk*

Talking time and fun creative arts group for kids ages 5-9 with cancer in the family. (Parents Group meets at the same time). *You must be a GCS member, have completed a CMP, and talked with Michelle before you can participate in the Small Talk or Parents Group.  Please contact Michelle Massey, Program Manager, with questions: 206-709-1400 .

10:30 a - Parents Group*

Support group for parents whose children (under age 18) have someone in their lives living with cancer and for parents who have children or teens living with cancer. *You must be a Gilda's Club member, and have completed a CMP to join the group. Please call Michelle Massey, Program Manager for details at (206)709-1400.

12:00 p - Kids Kitchen

Join our popular hands-on cooking class! Kids will learn basic culinary skills, and prepare and consume favorite foods. Limited to 6 participants, ages 5-12. Please sign up by calling Michelle, Program Manager at (206)709-1400.