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What We Do

Welcome to Gilda's Club Seattle. We are so glad that you have chosen to see how this unique Program of support works for the thousands of people who come to Gilda's Club to learn how to live with cancer. If you or a family member or friend has cancer, our web site will show you a Program that will give you the social, emotional, and educational support you already feel that you need -- support that is probably missing from your life if you are like many of us. At our warm and friendly Clubhouse, and in off-site locations, we build that support together -- at no cost. Men, women, children, families, and friends -- all of you are welcome.

Our philosophy suggests that if a member is participating in the Gilda's Club community in some way - be it attending a variety of activities, a few activities, or just hanging out in the Clubhouse -- he or she will be building social, emotional, and educational support that can be useful in learning how to live with cancer. It also says that members can improve their level of social, emotional, and educational support by supplementing the Five Core Component program activities with meetings of family and friends at Family Focus, Team Convene, or Family Cancer Support program opportunities.

The Five Core Component program includes:

  1. Support Services

Gilda's Club Seattle offers a variety of support services including a 1-1 New Member Orientation with a social worker;weekly groups for people with a diagnosis, those in a caregiving role, and people who have lost someone to cancer;twice monthly networking groups for patients and caregivers that are diagnosis or topic-specific; and children's, teens, and parent support groups and activities.

     2.  Educational Opportunities

Gildas's Club Seattle provides a wide range of educational opportunities including Thursday evening Lectures in the Clubhouse; skill-building workshops; workplace/school programs; and access to educational materials (Podcasts) online.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

Our program includes a variety of mind/body classes and workshops; exercise/physical activities; nutrition classes, expressive arts opportunities; and information on preventive health maintenance.

4. Social Connections

Enjoy our annual Noogiefest halloween party, the March Spring Carnival; weekly Creative Arts Expression and Crafts Collective; knitting; movies in the Dance Hall; family social activities, and more.

5. Resources and Referral

Meet with one of our program social workers to learn more about cancer resources and to get referrals (not medical) for cancer support. Explore our Resource Room for cancer information and to borrow fiction and non-fiction books from our lending library.




1Joanna Bull, 1998, Gilda's Club Philosophy and Program.

Did You Know?

FACT: Gilda's Club Seattle raises approximately 75% of their operating funds from individuals who believe in our mission (of course, this does include a few celebrities!). The balance comes from corporations and foundations who support our program.

MYTH: Gilda's Club gets a lot of money from celebrities.

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