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Member Stories

Theresa Rasmussen

In July 2004, Theresa was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. Two 1.5 cm tumors were removed from her right breast in late July and Theresa went on to complete 6 months of CMF chemotherapy and 7 weeks of radiation. As a result of the chemo, she is now being treated for heart failure.

A neighbor of Theresa?s with a history of breast cancer told her about Gilda?s Club in Seattle. She was reluctant at first to join and try to get into a Wellness Group since she had never participated in any type of group session. She worried about not being able to talk in front of others about her health and the effect it was having on her life. Once she joined a Wellness Group, she was quickly relieved to find that everyone was there for mutual support during their transition through treatment and beyond. No pressures. The group became another family to her. The encouragement, support & advice she received were unparelleled. ?Somehow it is easier to talk about your cancer treatment with a group of people also going through the same thing than with those who are not? she said. ?In the Gilda?s group you can say anything and no one freaks out. Generally there is someone else in the group who has already gone through something similar and can offer suggestions to help the other person through.? This information is invaluable. They say that laughter is the best medicine and her group manages to laugh a lot each week and genuinely enjoy their time together.

?Gilda?s Club and joining in the Wellness Group is the best thing I have done throughout the course of my treatment. I would recommend it highly to anyone facing a diagnosis of cancer? says Theresa.

Did You Know?

FACT: Gilda's Club Seattle raises approximately 75% of their operating funds from individuals who believe in our mission (of course, this does include a few celebrities!). The balance comes from corporations and foundations who support our program.

MYTH: Gilda's Club gets a lot of money from celebrities.

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