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Member Stories

Tom Dufault

The weekend of our Grand Opening, March 7-9, 2002, Tom Dufault was driving down Broadway after a doctor?s appointment and saw the "red balloon arch" out front of the Clubhouse. "What?s that about," he wondered, but didn?t feel well enough to stop. At the time, Tom was being treated for Non-Hodgkin?s Brain Lymphoma and HIV/AIDS. He returned the next day for a tour and has been very involved as a member and volunteer ever since. "This place felt right and did the trick," Tom says. What was the "trick?" For Tom that meant getting the support, love, caring, understanding and opportunity to shape his life that no other place could provide.

Tom feels that GCS has changed his personality and his lifestyle. In a sweeping gesture Tom took in the expanse of the GCS kitchen and said, "Getting lymphoma was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am at the best point in my life right now." At GCS, Tom has participated in a variety of activities and groups and feels that the meditation, tai chi, and qigong classes have been the most significant because he has learned that he can be more in touch with universal energy ? an experience that has changed his perspective. Tom is a professional chef and if you have attended any of our supper lectures, you have probably tasted some of Tom's wonderful cooking! Thank you, Tom, for being such a caring, sharing part of the GCS community.

Did You Know?

“Gilda's Club plays an important role in the Seattle community and in the Pacific Northwest. It provides an invaluable support for those touched by cancer directly and indirectly and for all our patients at the University of Washington.”

Barbara A. Goff, MD
Associate Professor, Gynecologic Oncology, University of Washington

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